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Flatshare Lille – room for rent for students

Posted by agencyinside on 16 February 2023

Living in a shared apartment, advantages or disadvantages?

Just a reminder, a roommate in Lille is the renting, by several people, of the same housing (apartment or house) becoming their main residence.

But then, what are the advantages of living in a shared apartment?

With Colocation City, the problems of small apartments or houses to share with several people with only one bathroom, not enough storage space, not enough room in the kitchen or not enough room in the sofa for everyone are over.

With Colocation City, you can take advantage of spacious spaces adapted to the number of people. Each tenant in Lille has a private room and a private bathroom, so you share the kitchen, the living room and the dining room, in complete peace of mind!
Take advantage of your personal spaces to work or rest and enjoy the collective spaces to exchange and discover together the beautiful city of Lille!

Sharing a flat in Lille at a low price is possible.

At Colocation City, we have taken care to provide you with maximum comfort from the beginning of your adventures as a roommate… Enjoy pleasant accommodations, easy access, near the main roads and transportation of the city of Lille!

Are you won over? Become a roommate and come and put your bags in one of the rooms…
Colocation City has fully furnished apartments and houses, for your greatest comfort!
How about it? Ready to embark on a new life in a shared apartment in Lille and become a roommate?
Whether you are a student or a young professional, Colocation City will meet your needs and will find your ideal accommodation in order to study, work, share and exchange in the best possible conditions!
What to feel good in your roommate in Lille!

Do you know Lille?

Capital of the Hauts-de-France region and prefecture of the Nord department, Lille has more than 235,592 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in France after Paris, Lyon and Marseille.
It is also the third largest city in France, behind Paris and Lyon, with more than 110,000 students per year.
Colocation City was immediately won over by the charm and potential of this beautiful city of Lille. That’s why Colocation City offers exceptional accommodation in the best areas of Lille in order to provide young students and young professionals with an exceptional living environment.

Enjoy fully furnished shared apartment in Lille with bedroom and private bathroom in the heart of the best districts of Lille: Lille-centre and Lille Vauban Esquermes.

Focus on your life projects, we take care of your daily life! Become a roommate

flatshare Lille, district Lille-centre

Fall in love with our properties located in the most popular districts of Lille.
The Lille-centre district is known to be the most charming district of Lille.
If you choose one of our properties in this area, you will have the chance to be a few steps away from: the big train station of Lille Europe, the City Hall, the Opera of Lille, or the Palace of Fine Arts! Meet your friends at the Grand’Place, a must-see place in Lille, and go back to your roommate with serenity!

If you want to know more about the roommate in Lille in the district of Lille-centre, you just have to read our article on this subject: The furnished roommate in Lille, district Lille-centre. You can learn more about this beautiful neighborhood and its living environment, as well as discover the roommates still available that await you.

Roommate in Lille Vauban Esquermes area

The Vauban Esquermes district is the youngest district of Lille, with more than 42% of young people aged 16 to 24.
This dynamic neighborhood is known for its commercial streets where life is good.
In particular, the rue Léon Gambetta, a very popular street with a good number of supermarkets, specialized stores, restaurants and bars.
Moreover, if you are a fan of fair trade, zero waste and bicycle travel, you will really feel at home here!

If you want to know more about sharing a flat in Lille in the Vauban Esquermes neighborhood, just check out our article on the subject: Furnished flat sharing in Lille, Vauban Esquermes. You can learn more about this beautiful neighborhood and its living environment, as well as discover the roommates still available that await you.


Lille offers a wide range of schools, but how can you find your way around?

There are 3 possibilities of orientation in the city of Lille.

  • Long term studies: study at the University.

Lille has three universities: the University Lille 1 Sciences and Technologies, the University Lille 2 Law and Health, the University Lille 3 Humanities and Social Sciences.

The University is a real good choice of orientation for students if you don’t know yet exactly the job you want to do but you are passionate about a more global subject, or in case you want to have more responsibilities… The University is the guaranteed autonomy for a student!

  • Long term studies: study in a school

There are many specialized schools in Lille, whether you want an engineering school, a business school, a communication school, a journalism school, an art school, a paramedical school… You will find what you are looking for in Lille!

Opting for a specialized school means opting for a still strong supervision, the obligation of presence and the justification of absences are required. This is ideal for a student who needs a structured environment!

  • Short studies: 3 years to train

As a student or future student, if you know what you want to do and want to start to be in the concrete, to combine academic education and professionalization here are some proposals to which you can turn: DUT / BTS / Professional licenses / DEUST … to you after choosing the specialty that suits you best!

Lille is known to be a very student and young city. Looking for a place to live can be a bit complicated because you will not be alone in looking for a room to rent. Of course, becoming a roommate in a house or an apartment is an affordable solution but also ideal for bonding with other students.

Roommate in Roubaix : only a few minutes from Lille

If you prefer to live on the outskirts of large cities, appreciating both proximity and tranquility, Colocation City also offers roommates in Roubaix.
It is also possible that your school is in Roubaix, with the multiplicity of the presence of students and young active people in the region Hauts-de-France, Roubaix has bet on the development of campuses of great schools (EDHEC, ENSAIT, ESAAT…).


The advantages of a shared room with Colocation City

To ensure you the best in your shared room, we set up many services which are based on four pillars:

  • Comfort: Rooms with enough space to live comfortably, private bathrooms, wifi connection, a desk to study or work, spacious common areas for the residents and a television to relax in.
  • Location: On each of our listings, we indicate the proximity of the apartment to universities and schools, public transportation, supermarkets, etc.
  • Safety: To ensure that our residents feel comfortable, we choose popular residential areas in the community. In addition, all of our units comply with the latest electrical standards and each roommate has a key to his or her room.
  • The commitment of our partners: The owners and landlords who commit to us also commit to you. If a disaster occurs, everything is done to solve it as soon as possible. Moreover, Colocation City accompanies you in your steps: from the search for property to the administrative steps, through the files of housing aid with the CAF.

How to found a flatshare in Lille?


Discover our properties located in the most sought-after districts of Lille:

A 90 m² renovated house composed of 4 bright bedrooms, a private bathroom and toilet, a living room and a large American kitchen.

This shared flat in Lille is located at 28 rue Degland, 59000 Lille, France, less than 200 meters from the Cormontaigne metro station 2.

Room to rent in a flatshare at Cormontaigne



A house of 700 m² composed of 20 spacious and luminous rooms each with private bathroom. You will also benefit from a gym and a living room with a home cinema.

This shared house in Lille is located at 217 Boulevard de la Liberté, 59800 Lille, near the metro station 2 République – Beaux Arts.

Room to rent in a flatshare at Cormontaigne


A beautiful apartment of 146 m² refurbished, composed of 4 bright rooms, and 2 bathrooms in the heart of Lille.

This flat share in Lille is located at 115 rue du Molinel, 59800 Lille, France very close to the metro 2 République – Beaux Arts.


Flatshare Lille Molinel



  • Colocation City generally speaking

What assistance can I get to rent a room in a shared apartment in Lille?

The APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) from the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales).

The type of aid for students varies according to the type of housing and the ratio of expenses to income.

The Visale guarantee from Action Logement if you do not have a guarantor.

In case of payment default, the State will act as a guarantor through the Visale Guarantee.

The Loca-pass advance from Action Logement offers students the possibility of taking over their security deposit in the form of a 0% interest loan.

Why rent a room in a shared apartment in Lille?

Put down your suitcases!

The guarantee of a quality accommodation, fully furnished, ready to welcome you.

Move around as you wish!

Roommates in the heart of the city, close to public transportation.

Ask for help at any time!

Colocation City is there to assist you with your reservation and throughout your stay…

Don’t get bored and pay less!

Share moments with your roommates, discover the city and blossom, all with a room eligible for housing subsidies and then sharing of charges (internet, electricity, heating, water…)
How to rent a room in a shared apartment in Lille?

There are several steps to rent a room as a student or young worker in a shared apartment in Lille:

  • Find a roommate in Lille that suits you
  • Request your visit online on our website
  • Fill out your application for housing
  • Sign the lease
  • Move into your room in a shared apartment in Lille
  • Roommate in Lille


What is the price of a shared room in Lille ?

Each room has a price that is adapted to its services and its surface area. For a room in Lille, you should count between 340€ and 580€ HC.

In which area are the roommates in Lille ?

Find in our housing, rooms in roommate in Lille in these different districts:

  • Lille Vauban
  • Lille Center
  • Old Lille
  • Lille Wazemmes

What are the schools and universities in Lille?

Lille is a very student-oriented city because it has many recognized schools in various sectors such as business, engineering, journalism and communication. This is why looking for accommodation and renting a room in Lille or Roubaix, the neighboring city, is a good idea.

Here is a list of colleges to help you in your search:

  • La Catho
  • Centrale Lille
  • EFAP
  • EGC
  • EOL
  • ESJ
  • HEI
  • IAE
  • ICAM
  • IEJ
  • IMMF
  • IPAC
  • ISA
  • ISEN
  • ISTC
  • Science Po
  • University of Lille (Science and Technology / Law and Health / Humanities and Social Sciences)

What types of rooms are available in Lille?

Colocation City offers you different types of rooms in the available accommodations in Lille or Roubaix:

  • furnished room with single bed, closet, desk, TV screen,
  • furnished room with double bed, closet, desk, TV screen
  • furnished room with double bed, closet, desk, TV screen and private bathroom
  • studio in an apartment, with private bathroom and kitchenette


The different public transport available in Lille:

The city is crossed by a dense network of buses, streetcars and subways. The ticketing system is also used to travel throughout the Nord department and the region.

The metro has 2 lines:

Line 1 starts at the CHU-Eurasanté, passing through the Lille Flandres train station and ending in Villeneuve d’Ascq, at the Pierre Mauroy stadium.
Line 2 is longer, leaving from Lomme St Philibert and crossing line 1 of the metro at Porte des Postes and at the Lille Flandres station stop. Line 2 goes through Mons en Baroeul, Wasquehal, Croix (Croix center, Croix Mairie) and Roubaix.

Lille has 2 tramway lines to complete its public transport offer:

Line T: It leaves from Lille Flandres station and thus crosses the 2 other metro lines and the R tramway line. It ends in Tourcoing-Centre, passing through La Madeleine, Marcq en Baroeuil, Château Rouge and Trois Suisses
Line R: This line has the same start as the other public transport in the city. The R line goes towards Roubaix Eurotéléport. It crosses line 2 of the metro at Wasquehal Pavé de Lille. It passes by the stops Port of Wasquehal, Clinique du Parc, Parc Barbieux.

The different colocation of Colocation City :

To help you look for a place to live in Lille, Colocation City has made available several apartments divided into shared flats and a house.

The 6 available apartments :

  • An apartment of 36m2 with 2 bedrooms,
  • two 67m2 apartments with 3 bedrooms,
  • an apartment of 70m2 with 2 bedrooms,
  • 2 large apartments, one of which is 90m2 with 4 bedrooms and the other is 126m2 with 6 bedrooms.

The available house:

The house has an area of 140 sqm and is composed of 6 bedrooms. It is located at 56 Boulevard Victor Hugo near the Wazemmes Metro station.


Find our FAQ specific to the city of Lille and the possibility of finding a roommate with rooms to rent

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