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Shared accommodation in Nanterre

Posted by agencyinside on 25 January 2023

Looking for accommodation in the Paris Region is a real challenge, and even more so in Nanterre. Demand is very strong and prices are high. More than 680,000 students live in the Paris Region, more than a quarter of all students in mainland France.

Students struggle to find accommodation, often on a limited budget. Shared accommodation can be a real solution to these problems;

Colocation City offers shared accommodation in the Île-de-France region, particularly in the following departments:

  • Hauts-de-Seine (92), mainly in Nanterre, Asnières and Vanves,
  • Val-de-Marne (94) in Kremlin-Bicêtre
  • Seine-et-Marne (77) in Serris near Disneyland Paris.

The city of Nanterre

Nanterre is a town in the western suburbs of Paris, in the Hauts-de-Seine department (92). It is surrounded by Rueil-Malmaison, Courbevoie, Puteaux, Chatou, La Garenne-Colombes, Carrières sur Seine and Bezons.

Nanterre is a university town, home to the Université Paris-Nanterre, specialising in economics, humanities and social sciences, law, literature, psychology and political science, with over 30,000 students.

It was built to relieve congestion at the Sorbonne.

It is also famous for its skyscrapers. Paris-Défense, Europe’s second-largest business district in terms of the volume of financial activity after the City of London in the UK, and the fourth most attractive business district in the world, also extends partly into Nanterre. The remainder is located in Courbevoie and Puteaux.

A dynamic and cultural city, it boasts the multi-purpose hall Paris La Défense Arena. It hosts concerts and home matches for the Racing 92 rugby team.

Shared accommodation in Nanterre: the ideal location for students or young professionals!

Main districts of Nanterre


Located in the historic heart of the city, the Centre is one of Nanterre’s oldest and most residential neighbourhoods. It is also home to many of the town’s cultural facilities, including the Agora, the Maison de la Musique, the Parc des Anciennes Mairies, Les Lumières cinema and the Villa des Tourelles. It has a population of 10,669.

Vieux-Pont / Sainte-Geneviève

Located in the north-west of the city, Vieux-Pont is one of Nanterre’s most diverse neighbourhoods: the city’s third-largest residential area, it is also home to a major social housing estate. It is home to 8,446 people.

La boule Champs-Pierreux

It is Nanterre’s newest, smallest and most sparsely populated district: 3,973 inhabitants on 60 hectares. The Boule-Champs Pierreux area has a wealth of major facilities: Théâtre des Amandiers, Palais des Sports, lycée Joliot-Curie, espace Chevreul….

Mont-Valérien plateau

Created in 2008 by the merger of two separate districts, the Plateau/Mont Valérien is Nanterre’s most densely populated district, with 14,935 inhabitants.
The town’s leading suburban district, it includes 25% social housing. While it is becoming younger thanks to the arrival of families with young children, it is also one of the neighbourhoods with the highest proportion of elderly people.

Petit Nanterre

Petit Nanterre is a neighbourhood that is emblematic of Nanterre’s working-class past. With 9,057 inhabitants and 166 hectares, Petit Nanterre has been the focus of major interventions. The urban and social renewal project will have enabled the district to undergo major changes. Today, new prospects are emerging for continuing these transformations.


Created in 2008, this district has very different faces depending on the sector: new and mixed on the Rouget-de-Lisle side, old and almost exclusively made up of social housing on the Anatole France side.


With a population of 7,524, or 8.1% of Nanterre’s total population, the Université district is home to a number of facilities and infrastructures of regional importance. It is also an area undergoing change, at the crossroads of large-scale urban development projects.

Nanterre: Just a few minutes from Paris and La Défense!

Enjoy immediate proximity to Paris and the Paris-Défense business district.

Nanterre has excellent public transport links. Not least thanks to the RER A and its three stops: Nanterre-Ville, Nanterre-Université and Nanterre Préfecture. The La Défense stop on the T2 tramway, RATP metro line 1, transiliens trains and RER A means that Nanterre is just a short walk away.

Don’t hesitate to use the RATP bus network, as many lines pass through Nanterre (160, 163, 478, 157, 159, 304, etc.).

The Île-de-France region

The Île-de-France region is densely populated; It has a population of 12.21 million: 4.648 million in the inner suburbs and 5.389 million in the outer suburbs.

In 5 years, France’s most populous region, home to 67.06 million French people, has gained 254,000 inhabitants, an average of 51,000 new residents a year. This movement is partly due to the large surplus of births over deaths. All the departments in the Paris region recorded an increase in their population over the period in question. With the exception of Paris, which now loses almost 11,000 inhabitants every year. But half of them are moving elsewhere in the Paris Region.

Student accommodation in Île-de-France

We note that a majority of students (53%) are primarily looking for a studio or T1 (one-room) flat. The T2 flat is the choice of 12% of students, who are often couples or more affluent. Student rooms, whether self-contained or in the student’s own home, account for 14% of searches, while shared accommodation is favoured by 21% of students.

Hauts-de-Seine (92)

The Hauts-de-Seine is a French department that since 1968 has essentially formed the inner western suburbs of Paris. Its 1,624,357 inhabitants in 2019 are known as the Altos séquanais.

The advantages of sharing a flat in Nanterre with Colocation City

To ensure you get the best from your shared apartment, we rely on four pillars:

  • Comfort: Rooms with enough space to live comfortably. They are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, a Wi-Fi connection, a desk for studying or working, spacious communal areas for residents and a television for relaxing.
  • Location: On each of our adverts, we tell you how close the flat is to universities and schools, public transport, supermarkets, etc.
  • Safety: To make sure our residents feel at home, we choose residential areas that are highly sought-after in the commune. In addition, all of our accommodations meet the latest electrical standards and each roommate has a key to their room.
  • The commitment of our partners: Owners and landlords who make a commitment to us also make a commitment to you. If a claim occurs, everything is done to resolve it as soon as possible. Moreover, Colocation City accompanies you in your steps: from the search for property to the administrative steps, including the files of housing aid with the CAF.

Discover our shared flat in Nanterre!

Located at 42 Rue Michelet in Nanterre, France, this shared house has seven bedrooms and two studios. Each room has its own private bathroom and toilet. The shared flat has large communal areas: a living room with a fully equipped kitchen, and a lounge with seating for 10.

Rooms and studios are available from €725 including charges (water, electricity, gas, internet and heating).

3 kitchen nanterre michelet 2 salon nanterre michelet

24 jardin nanterre michelet bathroom ch2 nanterre michelet

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