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Student accommodation in Lille

Posted by agencyinside on 25 March 2022

Student accommodation in Lille

The particularly dynamic Lille metropolitan area is attracting more and more young students; The range of higher education courses on offer continues to expand, and with it the demand for accommodation in Lille; But at a time when some university towns are suffering from a shortage of rental accommodation, housing solutions in the capital of Flanders are booming; So, as a student, how do you find your way around the rental pitfalls and find the best place to rent in Lille for the start of the new academic year?

The different types of student accommodation in Lille

As a recent graduate, the ordeal of finding student accommodation in Lille can finally begin… There are several solutions available to new arrivals in the hunt for the property grail; The first real piece of advice? Start the formalities as soon as possible, whatever the type of student accommodation you are considering and the length of time you need it, whether for one or more years;

The Crous residences in Lille (Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires): With moderate rents, Crous accommodation is very attractive, even if the surface areas are limited and the structures are ageing. Only 10% of requests will be met, as the rental stock is saturated and only students with grants will be able to access it (allocation on social criteria, after submitting the DSE file to the Lille Crous);

Private landlords in Lille: Searching for a flat to rent in Lille directly from private individuals can quickly become tedious; There are plenty of sites offering ads from private individuals (leboncoin, PAP, marketplaces) but they are not always up to date. Rent in Lille is often higher than in other areas, and in the event of a dispute, only the landlord’s goodwill will resolve the problem; However, you will have your own private accommodation, dedicated just to you: whether it’s a studio or a one-bedroom flat; 

Student residences in Lille: A good alternative to CROUS residences and private landlords, student residences are scattered throughout the city, particularly in Lille; Available as self-contained or shared accommodation, rents are capped and the flats are fully furnished and equipped, in most cases with a range of additional services (wifi, washing machine, tumble dryer, etc.); As a general rule, shared accommodation in Lille with Colocation City is available quickly and is easier to find than accommodation with a private landlord, for example; 

The mission of Colocation City is to offer accommodation in which living together is as pleasant as possible.

Studying and living in a shared flat in Lille

More and more students are choosing to share a flat in Lille, mainly because of the financial benefits; Sharing the rent with other students in a student residence gives you access to luxury accommodation in a better location with more comfortable living space; Shared flats in Lille is highly recommended, as it allows students who are new to the city to quickly establish social links with other flatmates in a city that is often completely unfamiliar to them; Many students from all over France choose Lille as the city in which to study; The immersive experience of sharing a flat is also an opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills, which will be your future weapon in student life and the job market;

As a student, renting afurnished shared room in Lilleentitles you to housing benefit; The only condition is that the lease must be in the name of the tenant and clearly state that it is a shared tenancy;

Special student housing grants

There are a number of schemes to help with student accommodation, both in Lille and in other towns and cities in France; Some are specifically dedicated to financing the installation, others to subsidising part of the rent; Which organisations to contact first

CAF: The type of assistance varies according to the type of housing and the expense/income ratio. The APL (Aide personnalisée au logement) is reserved for conventional housing and the ALS (allocation de logement à caractère social) for other housing, provided that they are decent (surface area of the housing, sanitary facilities, running water…).

Action logement : No guarantor when signing the lease? In case of payment default, the State will act as guarantor through the Visale Guarantee (the application is made online on the Action Logement website, it is advisable to take the necessary steps in advance in order to obtain a certificate valid for 3 months). Another aid, the “Avance Loca-pass”, offers students the possibility of taking over their security deposit in the form of a 0% interest loan.

Lille, which area to live in as a student?

Each district has its own character and dynamism, but the needs of a working person and those of a student differ somewhat… Find out more about each of Lille’s districts :

Lille Vauban

In the city centre, theVauban district is the city’s green lung; A student district par excellence in Lille, it boasts a number of assets, including a number of bucolic areas; What’s more, the area has easy access to public transport, schools, universities and a wide range of shops; You’ll also have fast access to the various schools and be just a few minutes from your school;

Lille Centre

Lille’s hyper-centre offers a high density of shops and an intense cultural life; The architectural face of Lille-Centre offers a striking contrast of middle-class houses and contemporary flats; Its proximity to the city centre and trendy shops and bars make it a great place to live;

Vieux Lille

A charming district, Vieux Lille is famous for the authenticity of its cobbled streets and the colourful facades of its Flemish houses; Lively, touristy, but middle-class, simply superb; The only snag? Living in this area is not for everyone’s budget, and generally not for students;

Lille Wazemmes

From bustling alleyways and Arab grocery shops to Asian food streets and open-air markets, theLille Wazemmes district is reputed to be ‘popular’ with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails; With its lively atmosphere, diversity and social mix, it can be a strong or a weak point, depending on individual aspirations…

We wish all future students in Lille every success in their rental search!


The advantages of sharing a flat with Colocation City

To ensure you get the best from your shared apartment, we rely on four pillars:

  • Comfort: Rooms with enough space to live comfortably, private bathrooms, wifi connection, desk for studying or working. Our shared apartments also have spacious communal areas for residents to relax in, as well as a TV;
  • Location: On each of our adverts, we tell you how close the flat is to universities and schools, public transport, supermarkets, etc. Nos colocations disposent toujours d’une localité idéale. 
  • Safety: To make sure our residents feel at home, we choose residential areas that are highly sought-after in the commune. In addition, all of our accommodations meet the latest electrical standards and each roommate has a key to their room.
  • The commitment of our partners: Owners and landlords who make a commitment to us also make a commitment to you. If a claim occurs, everything is done to resolve it as soon as possible. Moreover, Colocation City accompanies you in your steps: from the search for property to the administrative steps, including the files of housing aid with the CAF.

Find out more about the advantages of sharing with Colocation City



Roubaix is the third most populous city in the Hauts-de-France region, with just under one hundred thousand inhabitants, after Lille and Amiens; It is a major centre of activity for the Lille European Metropolis;

The town is just fifteen kilometres from the border between France and Belgium and less than 2 hours from Paris and London by train or via the international Eurostar line;

Roubaix is counting on a strong student presence with the development of campuses of the grandes écoles (EDHEC,ENSAIT,ESAAT…), as well as its immediate proximity to the Lille metropolitan area, with which it is in constant communication thanks to the transport network.


Discover our Colocation City properties located in the most sought-after areas of Lille: 

Lille Vauban

Double room in flatshare in Lille Vauban 20 m²

Refurbished house with 210 m² with 9 bright bedrooms, a private bathroom and WC, a lounge and a large open-plan kitchen.

Ideally located in the Lille Vauban district, 37 Boulevard Bigo Danel, less than 200 metres from the Cormontaigne 2 metro station;


Lille Centre

Room in shared apartment in Lille-Centre of 12 m² (about 129 ft²)

Molinel Appt 6 salon scaled

Spacious 97 m² flat with 4 bright bedrooms, bathroom and separate WC, living room and large open-plan kitchen;

Ideally located in Lille-Centre, 115 Rue du Molinel, between the République Beaux-Arts and Mairie de Lille metro stops;



Lille Wazemmes

Shared double room in Lille Wazemmes of 15 m²

Magnificent 72 m² flat with 3 bright bedrooms, bathroom and separate WC, living room and open-plan kitchen;

Ideally located just a stone’s throw from the centre of Lille, 83 rue de Wazemmes, less than 800 metres from the Wazemmes and Gambetta metro stations;

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