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Flat for rent in Roubaix

Posted by agencyinside on 5 June 2023

Located in the Hauts-de-France region (formerly the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region) just a few minutes from Lille, Roubaix is a good alternative for those who want to rent a flat outside Lille while staying in an attractive city.

Roubaix or Lille: which town to move to?

Roubaix and Lille are two cities with their own advantages. Living in Lille or Roubaix is above all a question of lifestyle. If you’re settling down with your family, Lille may prove more profitable given all the advantages the city has to offer. Your children will find it easy to further their education, and you’ll have easy access to many other major cities. As a student, you can also find shared accommodation in Lille to be as close as possible to your school;

If you have a preference for less populated towns, Roubaix is the place for you. You can find a flat here without having to spend too much on rent. You can also opt to share an apartment in Roubaix: a good number of flats have attractive surface areas when it comes to sharing accommodation. As part of the Lille metropolitan area, Roubaix is close to the metropolis. Lille is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in the country. Roubaix also has the advantage of being close to Belgium.

The advantages of living in Roubaix

A festive and convivial culture

Roubaix offers a very wide range of festivals. The Belles mécaniques festival (vintage cars), the Zéro Déchet festival and the Urban Cultures festival are just a few examples. Other popular events in the city include the Comics and Graphic Arts Fair, the Braderie de l’Art and the Roubaix Comics Festival. Roubaix also has a number of music, dance and theatre venues: These include the Salle du Colisée, the Théâtre de l’Oiseau Mouche, the Cave aux Poètes and Le Gymnase.

Architectural and natural heritage

Roubaix is classified as a town of art and history. It boasts religious, industrial and civil architecture. The town’s history is closely linked to the textile industry, and there are a number of attractive monuments linked to this industry.

If you’re keen to get out and explore the countryside, Roubaix has a number of parks and gardens that are great places to wander around. Parc Barbieux is the largest park in the Hauts-de-France region to be classified as a Remarkable Garden. The Roubaix Canal is a key axis for greenery and biodiversity in the city. Many people go there to do sport.

Job opportunities

Roubaix is the third most populous town in the Hauts-de-France region, with almost 100,000 inhabitants. Many leading textile and clothing companies are still based in Roubaix. The city now offers many jobs in the new technologies sector, with companies such as OVH, Damart and Okaidi. For those who don’t work in Roubaix, the city also offers great accessibility and a wide range of transport links, particularly to Lille.

Choosing your neighbourhood in Roubaix


Épeule is one of Roubaix’s liveliest neighbourhoods. In this district, you’ll find contemporary architectural buildings that attract many visitors every year. You’ll also find swimming pools, games rooms, concert and show venues and a host of restaurants.


The 35-hectare park of the same name is located in this district. The district is home to a population of around 3,500, with an average age of no more than 40. It’s close to all amenities, with the Town Hall just a stone’s throw away.


The Union district symbolises Roubaix’s past, especially in the textile industry. That said, many new property developments have been built here in recent years. In the Union district, you can discover the nuances between old and new buildings. The district is also very well connected to the public transport network, making it very easy to get around.

New Roubaix

The Nouveaux Roubaix district has a population of approximately 2,000, with an average age of 32. This is the most popular area for young people. There are many department stores and shops.

Living in Roubaix : Places to visit

When you move to Roubaix, you’ll have to discover the most iconic places there. To help you find your way around, let us introduce you to some of the city’s not-to-be-missed attractions.

The factory

As we have said, the textile industry is part of Roubaix’s identity. It is therefore essential to visit the Manufacture. In this establishment, which was once a factory, you can discover the evolution of weaving techniques from the Middle Ages to the present day. There are machines from all eras and countless fabrics on display.

The swimming pool museum

The swimming pool museum is also a must-see in Roubaix; This building holds the “Heritage of the XXᵉ century” label.

In 1932, architect Albert Baert built his swimming pool here. It quickly became regarded as the most beautiful swimming pool in the country, surrounded by public baths, under a vaulted ceiling and topped by a magnificent stained glass window. The pool was refurbished in 2001 and extended in 2008.

Works from the Fine and Applied Arts collection are now on display in the rooms that were previously used as public baths and cabins. A recently installed extension houses an exhibition tracing the history of Roubaix, as well as temporary exhibitions.

Barbieux Park

This 35-hectare park is the city’s largest green space. Thanks to its presence, people can enjoy peaceful walks in close proximity to nature. It is also crossed by the Deûle canal.

The Town Hall

Roubaix town hall stands out from the crowd. This building was constructed in the XXᵉ century. The 100-metre-long façade conceals an area of over 6,000 square metres. Under the roof is a frieze showing the textile manufacturing process, from shearing the sheep to the final product.

Why choose to share in Roubaix

Shared accommodation in Roubaix has been a great success! Many students who leave home turn to shared accommodation. This type of accommodation allows students to live in larger spaces that are already equipped to a high standard from the moment they arrive. It’s also a way of feeling less lonely and isolated, and all at a lower cost than a traditional rental.

Find a flat-share with Colocation City

To ensure you get the very best from your shared accommodation, we rely on four pillars:

  • Comfort: Rooms with enough space to live comfortably, private bathrooms, Wi-Fi connection, a desk for studying or working, spacious communal areas for residents and a television for relaxing.
  • Location: On each of our adverts, we tell you how close the flat is to universities and schools, public transport, supermarkets, etc.
  • Safety: To make sure our residents feel at home, we choose residential areas that are highly sought-after in the commune. In addition, all of our accommodations meet the latest electrical standards and each roommate has a key to their room.
  • The commitment of our partners: Owners and landlords who make a commitment to us also make a commitment to you. If a claim occurs, everything is done to resolve it as soon as possible. Moreover, Colocation City accompanies you in your steps: from the search for property to the administrative steps, including the files of housing aid with the CAF.

Find out more about the advantages of sharing with Colocation City

Discover our accommodation in Roubaix!

Sublime room in a shared flat near the Tram and the Metro!

The room is approximately 20 m² and costs €645 including charges.

The rooms are fully furnished with a double bed, desk, light fittings, storage space, flat-screen TV + Internet, private bathroom with shower, washbasin, mirror and WC, and all the comforts you need for everyday life.

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Fully furnished and equipped shared room with private bathroom

Fully furnished and equipped with double bed, desk, light fittings, storage space, flat-screen TV, internet access, private bathroom with shower, washbasin, mirror and WC. The room is located on the 1st floor of the house.

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Discover this shared flat

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